Refund Policy

Is not normally Maten Floral Design to refund price of the product. Time is of a premium factor because we buy only the freshest of flowers on the market and therefore very time sensitive. And there we try to deliver as quickly as courier availability allows. However, as every customer and gift are individual, (and therefore may require a decision on a case-by-case basis), please contact Maten Floral Design, so we can determine the best solution to the problem. We are also able to provide other solutions, such as resending a gift,  voucher or resending a different gift of the same value.  Corresponding by emails and use of photomaterial always speed up your query  because our phone lines are often busy.


Matan Floral Design cannot cancel any order that has already been made up, even if  we have not delivered the order. If the cancellation request is made before make up, then we may be able to cancel the order. However, we cannot guarantee that the order can be cancelled.