Don’t just pick flowers for their looks, but decide based on the flower meanings – The meaning of flowers:

Agapathus:  Love Letters

Amaryllis Lily; Pride and beauty

Alstromeria: Wealth, prosperity, forture

Amarylis:: pride and Beauty

Anemone: Expectation

Angelica:: Inspiration

Arum Lily:: Ardour

Aster: Vanety

Astilbe: I will Still be waiting

Azalea: Love, Remance, first love

Belladonna: Silence

Bells of Ireland:: Good Luck

Bluebell: Constancy

Bouvardia:: Enthusiasm

Carnation: Fascination 

Chrysanthermum: A mothers Day favourite,    White for truth, red for love, yollow are for slighted

Cyclamen: Diffidence

Daffodil: These flowers indicate regard and the arrival of spring:

Dasiy: The meaning of this flower is innocence in the expression — fresh as daisy

Freesia: Innocence

Gladioli: Strength of Character

Holly: Festivity

Hyacinth: Sport, Play

Hydrangea: Callous, Thank you for understanding

Iris: Wisdom

Ivy: Fidelity

Jasmine: Conviviality

Jonquil: Sympathy

Lavender: Cautious,Devotion

Lilac: This flower speaks sliently but eloguentlyof thr first emotions of love. It is therefore ideal to send at the beginning of a relationshop.

Lily (White): Purity and Modesty

Lily of the Valley; Return of Happiness, Used by ancient Greek brides to indicate virtue and fertility.

Magnolia: Dignity, Love of nature

Narcissus: Egotism

Orchid: Rare beauty, Love

Peony: Bashfulness

Poppy: Etemal sleep

Ranunculus: Radiant Charm

Rose: The flower of love. The colour tells everything. Bridal rose for happy love, white for youth and means innocence,innocence, purity and  secrecy, Red rose means love passion respect and courage, Red and white together indicate unity, Yellow rose shows friendship, Light pin rose means gladness and beauty, Dark pink rose means thankfulness, Orange rose indicate fascination, Red rosebud says pure and lovely,Peach rose means desire

Rosemary: Remembrance

Statice: Sympathy and remembrance

Stephanotis: Happiness in marriage

Stock: Lasting beauty

Sunflower: Pride,Adoration

Sweet Pea: Lasting pleasure

Tuberose: Illicit pleasure

Tulip: General indicate peefect lover, When red theu signify a deciaration of love, Variegated tulip means beautiful eyes,But, if you do not care about person, reply in kind with yellow tulips for they mean the love is hopeless

Violet (blue): Faithful devotion

Water Lily: Chastity and virtue

Zinna: Thoughtful recolledtions